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    Valuation involves the determination, at a particular time, of the value or worth of an interest in property for a particular purpose. The subject of valuation may be asset such as Land and Buildings, Plant and Machinery, Furniture, Fittings and Equipment or Goodwill. It could also be necessary to carry out periodic revaluation of the assets of Companies in view of sporadic increase in prices as a result of unstable exchange rate.

    Periodic valuation or revaluation of these assets could be undertaken jointly or separately for any or some of the following reasons:-
    • Preparation of Balance Sheets or accounts
    • Insurance
    • Security for a loan from financial institutions
    • Privatization and/or commercialization
    • Merger and Acquisition
    • Going Concern
    • Rating and Taxation
    • In case of liquidation, determination of the net worth of the
    assets to be transferred.

    Our experienced in valuation assignments for various Private and Public Institutions within the country is as listed below but not limited to:-
    • Valuation of Assets of Rida National Plastics Limited
    • Valuation of Assets of World Maritime Organisation
    • Valuation of crash site of Bellview Airline
    • Valuation of Federal Government Properties in Lagos
    • Valuation of Assets of African Petroleum
    • Valuation of Assets of CFAO
    • Valuation of Assets belonging to Muka Limited
    • Valuation of Assets belonging to Wokson International Limited
    • Several other residential and commercial properties in various
    • Guaranty Trust Bank
    • Fidelity Bank Plc

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