• Jul 06, 2015 Property Management
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    Our training and experience acquired over the years as well as our knowledge of the terrain will be brought to bear in the mastery of the art and science of property management.

    Property management commences where estate agency terminates with the letting or sale of the property and the remittance of rent or proceeds of sales transaction to the landlord (vendor). The management surveyor retains routine control of the property by directing and supervising his clients’ interest with the purpose of maximising the investors’ returns in the investment which could be financial, social or even in political terms as the case may be.
    The services to be carried out on day-to-day basis are as follows:-

    1. The keeping of property records /registers, and ensuring that notices to renew and or determine leases, exercising options etc, are taken up at their appropriate dates;

    2. Collection of rents/ other cheques and prompt payment ;

    3. Dealing with lettings, re- lettings and ensuring that all leases, tenancies, etc are properly documented and that necessary consents are obtained;

    4. Regular inspection of property to ensure that tenants comply with their repair and maintenance covenants; including assessing and negotiating dilapidations- the responsibility of tenants;

    5. Dealing with rates and ensuring prompt payment by those liable either by contract or by law;

    6. The arrangement for and supervision of all necessary repairs/ maintenance works including service contracts and the employment of estate staff;

    7. Regular review of the potential of the property.

    8. Promotion of tenants and occupants association with a view to ensuring a smooth and cordial relationship.
    9. Annual insurance valuation of the property thus ensuring that adequate cover is taken from an insurance company of repute.

    10. Administration and control of estate staff thus ensuring that not only are they responsive to us but also to tenants who may draw their attention to lapses if and when the occasion demand

    11. Security

    We ensure that both parties’ landlord and tenants are assured of our prompt services at all times.

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